Take your family photos to the next level

Barbara Asboth
Barbara Asboth
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31 students

This course is for anyone who wants to take better photos of their family, but doesn’t know where to start and doesn’t have a lot of time to study photography theory. We will be using available light and equipment ONLY – you won’t have to buy anything to complete the lessons successfully.

You are not expected to know anything about photography; the topics we will cover are tailored towards non-photographers or beginner photographers, using simple terms and no jargon. 

If you’re an experienced photographer already, please contact me for to discuss one-on-one mentoring options instead.

  • Bite-size video lessons with slides + transcripts
  • Case studies with photo examples
  • Practical mid-course assignment
  • Watch anywhere, any time
  • Dip in and out of any topic in any order, depending on what you feel like learning about
  • BONUS cheat sheet for all topics
  • BONUS one-click preset download for Lightroom

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  • Eveline Everaers

    Easy to put into practice

    I enjoyed the course - it made me look critically to my own pictures that I had previously taken and see how they could've been better... ;-) I especially like the part about lighting and composition of the photo. Barbara explains the content clearly, as well as mentioning her personal preference (which is great since I love her work). I'm looking forward to put theory into practice some more when taking pictures of my babies. :-)
  • Maria Vaquero

    Great for busy parents

    I love how the lessons are short and concise, leaves you wanting for more and you don't have to spend loads of time going through theory. The tips are very practical and very well explained, really easy to follow and put into practice. If you are a busy parent looking to improve your family pictures, this is definitely the best course for you.
  • Stephanie Schiniou

    Great for any beginner

    Barbara goes through the basics on how to get a good shot, with lessons in how to achieve optimal lighting, angles and even how to easily edit photos to help them pop. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m looking forward to using my knowledge to get some “keeper” shots to frame!