Bite-size topics

Each lesson covers a very specific topic, so you can apply your new knowledge straight away and practise as you go.


You're a busy parent, you just want better photos quickly, right? All good - you won't be getting long theory lessons.

Mobiles welcome

Most parents want to capture everyday moments with their phone only - the tips take this into account.

Take photos
worth printing

This course was designed for parents for whom a professional photographer is perhaps a rare luxury, yet they want some standout photos.

Many parents have thousands of photos sitting, forgotten, on their cloud storage account. Often it’s because it’s tiring to go through many “so-so” pictures to choose what to frame or put into an album. So you keep putting it off…

The choice will be easier if you can take standout photos you LOVE in every way – and the grandparents will thank you, too.

What You will learn

Lighting Tips

Framing your shot

Colours and harmony

Simple editing

Mobile pros & cons

You’ll also have optional assignments and little exercises to practise your new skills in a targeted way,
plus a cheat sheet download for quick reference and recap.

About Barbara

Barbara has been a professional photographer for eight years, a professional digital designer for six of those, and has been using Photoshop for nearly two decades. 

She has photographed hundreds (if not thousands) of people, including for campaigns for Sony PlayStation; she has had her work exhibited globally including in the UK Houses of Parliament; she has published her book, Faces of Shoreditch, and has had samples of her work featured in others. 

Barbara’s goal is to help every parent realise the importance of photographs in the long term, not just for ourselves but for our children.

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